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I was wrong!

I told you a few days ago that I was following The First Dogs on Twitter, which I thought was some sort of official account set up for Champ and Major. I should have known that the people in the White House had better things to do than to curate a Twitter account about the dogs. There is no ‘official” account for the dogs or for the coming First Cat at this time. Everything you see on Twitter currently (and there are several accounts) are fan pages.

It does appear that @FLOTUS will ocassionally tweet about the dogs.

I regret spreading misinformation.

The Dog Lady

Champ and Major Are On Twitter

Photo owner unknown.  Please claim it if it's yours.
Photo owner unknown. Please claim it if it’s yours.

There’s not a blue check of authenticity yet, but I believe the place to go for tweets from Champ and Major Biden is @TheFirstDogs. Rumor has it they are not at the White House yet; they’re waiting for everything to calm down a bit.

There’s also an account for @TheFirstCatUS, for the promised rescue cat.

Can’t wait to start seeing what’s on the minds of all the first pets. No word on who is helping them with the typing. It’s tough to tweet when you don’t have thumbs!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!