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Saturday Survey: White House Statement on Breed Specific Legislation

Somehow during a week dominated by the introduction of Sunny, his family’s new dog, President Obama was able to address the topic of breed specific legislation. What is breed specific legislation or BSL? It is any law that seeks to make it illegal to own a specific dog because of his or her breed. BSL has been used particularly against pit bulls. Advocates of BSL say it keeps people safer by limiting the number of dangerous dogs being kept as family pets. Those against BSL say there are no bad breeds, only bad breeders and owners who teach their dogs to be aggressive and / or dangerous.

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A Porti it is!

The Obamas announced (finally!) that they are getting a Portuguese Water Dog for their daughters.  Apparently, Bo (Father’s name?  “Diddly” of course!) is 6-months old and is currently residing with a professional trainer to learn enough manners to be allowed to live in the White House.  The girls have met the dog, and Malia’s allergies were not a problem, so the deal is sealed.  They had a brief photo op on the Today show this morning, but I’m sure Bo will make a grand appearance once he finishes finishing school and arrives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Good day, and good dog!