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Saturday Survey: Dog Advocates


With all of the rallies going on in Washington, DC this weekend, it made me think about ways we might support dog-related causes.

For which issue would you be most likely to attend a supportive rally?

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Seriously, Montreal? A Pit Bull Ban? Say It Ain’t So!

I thought we had progressed beyond breed specific legislation, but a major metropolis in Canada – Montreal – has just passed a pit bull ban. CTV News reports there was a heated debate on the issue, but the bylaw was passed by a margin of 37 – 23. Continue reading Seriously, Montreal? A Pit Bull Ban? Say It Ain’t So!

Breed Specific Discrimination

FB_IMG_1460509388221Most of the time when we talk about breed specific prejudices, we focus on Pit Bulls, but its important to remember we’ve been here before. Many breeds have been the subject of laws and even just plain hatred because they’ve been seen as too aggressive. Typically, what we end up seeing is that if you breed and train them right, they are no different than any other dog.

In my recent trips through our local dog pounds and shelter, I’ve seen an abundance of Pit Bulls waiting to be adopted. They are very hard to place because people don’t realize how sweet they can be. Please don’t discriminate!

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Tuesday Top Ten: Breed-Specific Insurance Rates

shutterstock_89404294Many homeowners insurance carriers are loathe to provide insurance to homes that include certain breeds of dogs that they deem more likely to bite and cause injuries. Although the laws in many jurisdictions are finally reflecting the fact that it’s not necessarily the breed so much as the way the dog is raised, insurance companies still, in many cases, use breed-specific rating systems to either deny insurance or to require a higher premium, regardless of the individual dog’s behavioral history.
Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: Breed-Specific Insurance Rates