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Saturday Survey: The Rainbow Bridge

It seems I’m focusing quite a bit on death this week, but I’d like to know your opinion on the Rainbow Bridge idea. It’s a sweet, helpful grief recovery mechanism for many people, I’m sure. I’d like to believe my pets who have passed on will be there waiting. What about you?

Do you believe your dog will be waiting for you when you get to heaven?

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Good day, and good dog!

Sammy in the Sky

Both author Barbara Walsh and artist Jamie Wyeth said the story needed to be told because, as Walsh put it, "There's nothing else like this out there." Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS, Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Have you ever had to deal with the grief of losing a beloved pet?  No one wants to go through this, but if you have pets long enough, you will eventually deal with their loss.  As hard as it is for us as adults, think about how much more difficult it would be to process the loss as a child.  To address this concern, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barbara Walsh has written “Sammy in the Sky” to help parents help their children through the death of a pet.

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