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Dog Gone Funny

The Marmaduke comic strip is written by a distant relative of mine, so I always check it out in the funny papers. At the end of the Sunday strip, they always add a “Dog Gone Funny” feature, telling about something a reader sent in. Yesterday’s segment really struck my funny bone because I could so see any of my dogs doing this.
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Saturday Survey: Dogs & Babies

We had my son’s girlfriend & her 2 kids over for dinner tonight. It was so much fun to watch Cooper, the Vizsla, try to play with her 19-month old daughter. She doesn’t have stairs at her house, so she had a great time crawling up and down ours. Cooper followed her up and down every time. I’m not sure if he was protecting her or just trying to keep track of whether she was getting close to his toys. The other dogs just pretty much ignored her.

I remember when my kids were little and my dad would babysit for me. We had one dog that would follow him from room to room when he was walking with the baby. She was sooooooo worried he would do something to my son!

So, I got to wondering – how do your dogs feel about babies?

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