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Teacher’s Allergies vs. Autistic Child’s Service Dog: What would you do?

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-girl-dog-image18983159This is a tough one. Pretend you’re on the school board of a small, rural school district in Southern Ohio. An autistic child in your school needs to bring her service dog with her to class. In your small district, you have only a limited number of special education classroooms, and the room this child is in is taught by a woman who is allergic to dogs. What do you do?

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Saturday Survey: College Mascots

I sat here today and watched my alma mater Kent State’s Golden Flashes and my Ohio State Buckeyes win their football games today, and I got to thinking about what horrible mascots both of these are. (What is a golden flash, anyway?)

Lots of schools have really cool dogs as their mascots (the Collie named Reveille at Texas A&M, and the former racing Greyhound at Eastern New Mexico and the Bluetick Coonhound at Tennessee, for example), but there seems to be four main breeds represented. Which one do you think makes the best team mascot / school representative?

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The Mutt-i-Gree Curriculum

Have you heard about this program for kids, developed through a collaborative agreement between Pet Savers Foundation, Yale University School of the 21st Century (Yale 21C), and the Millan Foundation? The lessons highlight the unique characteristics and needs of Mutt-i-grees,® dogs awaiting adoption at a shelter, while teaching children social and emotional skills.

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