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No Dog Left Behind After Hurricane Laura

From The Dog Lady’s mailbag: More than a dozen dogs, homeless because of Hurricane Laura in the gulf, boarded a plane and flew to Pittsburgh where they received a second chance and a new life. No Dog Left Behind flew the 1500 mile round trip in their Mahindra Airvan over the course of 15 hours.

The dogs were surrendered to a local animal shelter in Louisiana by owners who knew they would no longer be able to care for them – because extensive damage made it impossible for them to return home. Continue reading No Dog Left Behind After Hurricane Laura

Philadelphia Works Toward “No-Kill” Goal

NBC News in Philadelphia reports that several of the city’s animal shelters have banded together to create a city-wide no-kill policy, which would allow only very sick dogs or those who can not be rehabilitated due to overt aggression to be euthanized. Continue reading Philadelphia Works Toward “No-Kill” Goal

Anyone happen to be traveling from Oregon to Pennsylvania?

AP Photo/Washington County Animal Services
AP Photo/Washington County Animal Services
This 7-year old Jack Russell Terrier, Gidget, is looking to hitch a ride from Portland to Philadelphia. Gidget was happily living with her family in Philly until two days after Easter, when she disappeared. Thank God she has a microchip because when she was found wondering the streets of Tualatin, a suburb of Portland, she was taken to a shelter who scanned the chip and found her family.

The only problem now is getting her back east. The family cannot afford to fly out to get her, and Washington County Animal Services does not have funding available for transportation.

As for Gidget, The Statesman Journal reports she appears to be in good shape. She lost about 5 pounds during her ordeal, but is still in very good health. No one knows how she ended up in Oregon, or how long she was on the streets before she was found.

If you can help with the transport, please contact Washington County Animal Services at 503-846-7041.

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