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Puppy Treated for Heroin Overdose

February 23, 2017

Photo:  Carrollton PD

Photo: Carrollton PD

From the Carrollton (TX) police department’s Facebook page:

Our many thanks today to Dr. Stacie Fowler and the staff at North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic for nursing this honorary K-9 back to health.

A-shift patrol officers found the puppy suffering from a drug overdose Saturday. Pup was left in the floorboard of a truck in the Home Depot parking lot while its humans were busy inside switching price tags.

Humans were arrested for heroin possession and for fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing. Puppy is on way to full recovery from opiate overdose and is back in the care of The City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Center.

I know heroin has become a terrible problem most everywhere, but seriously, WHO GIVES HEROIN TO A PUPPY??? Once again, I’m forced to ask What is wrong with people? I’m so glad an arrest was made.

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Leptospirosis Outbreak in Phoenix

February 20, 2017

12-News in Phoenix is reporting an outbreak of leptospirosis in more than 50 Maricopa County dogs.

The bacteria is passed from dog to dog (and even to humans!) when the eyes, skin, nose, or mouth come into contact with bodily fluids from an infected dog, excluding saliva and most often urine.

What to watch for: fever, lethargy, decreased appetite, red eyes, and stomach upset. The bacterial disease also can damage the kidneys and liver, so you may see either an increase or a decrease in urination, excessive thirst, and yellow eyes or skin.

A vaccine will prevent infection, but if your dog has not been vaccinated and comes down with lepto, antibiotics can be given to cure the infection. Untreated, the disease can result in death.

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Paw-ternity Leave

February 19, 2017

When you work for a company named BrewDog, you might expect there to be some canine-related parts to your job. But I don’t think anyone expected this. The brewery, whose home office is in Scotland, have recently initiated a policy offering one-week of paid paw-ternity leave to allow people the time to setting in with a new puppy or rescued dog. [Read more]

Friday Funny: The New Guy

February 17, 2017

Dog in cat treeSometimes, we’re all a little weird.

Enjoy your weekend!

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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Next Dog from a Reputable Breeder

February 17, 2017

Photo:  Golden Meadows

Photo: Golden Meadows

We welcome guest blogger Kevin Brenden to the blog today, writing on behalf of Golden Meadows, a Vizsla and Golden Retriever breeder out of Southern California.

[Editor’s Note: As regular readers of this blog know, I always encourage people to adopt dogs from local shelters rather than buying puppies. However, I also recognize that many of my readers are interested in show dogs or have other reasons for looking at professionally bred puppies. So, I’m happy to present this post telling you why finding a reputable breeder is important.]

That said, here are The Primary Benefits of Choosing a Pet from a Trustworthy Breeder
[Read more]

Always Happy

February 16, 2017


I may have used this one before, but it captures today perfectly for me!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Limited Recall of Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food

February 15, 2017

BlueFrom the Blue Buffalo website:

February 13, 2017

Dear Pet Parents,

I am writing to inform you of a recent development concerning a very limited number of cans of one of our wet dog food diets. Last week, we were notified by one of our suppliers of the possible presence of aluminum in one of our production runs. [Read more]

Westminster 2017: And the Winner Is…

February 14, 2017

Winning a lot of hearts on this Valentines Day, and taking Best in Show at the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club’s 141st Annual Show is… [Read more]

The Field for Best in Show, Westminster 2017

February 14, 2017

These seven dogs will go into the ring next, vying for the coveted Best in Show title.

From the Hound Group: Duffy, the Norwegian Elkhound

From the Toy Group: Chuckie, the Pekingese, son of 2012 Best in Show Malachy

From the Non-Sporting Group: Aftin, the Miniature Poodle

From the Herding Group: Rumor, the German Shepherd, in a repeat of last year’s performance

From the Sporting Group: Adrian, the Irish Setter

From the Working Group: Devlin, the Boxer

From the Terrier Group: Tanner, the Norwich

I’m torn between the Irish Setter and the Norwegian Elkhound. Fingers crossed!

Who will the winner be?

Terrier Group Winner, Westminster 2017

February 14, 2017

Photo:  Canine Chronicle

Photo: Canine Chronicle

Terrier Group Winners

Best in Group: Norwich, Tanner

2nd Place: Westhighland White, Rondo

3rd Place: American Staffordshire, Louie

4th Place: Norfolk, Winston

Don’t change that channel. The all-important Best in Show competition is coming up next!

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