Biewer Terrier is AKC’s 197th Breed

Photo:  AKC
Photo: AKC

From The Dog Lady’s mailbag: The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, announced today that the Biewer Terrier has received full recognition, and is eligible to compete in the Toy Group. This addition brings the number of AKC-recognized breeds to 197.

“We’re thrilled to have the Biewer Terrier join the registry,” said Gina DiNardo, AKC Executive Secretary. “This wonderful little dog makes a great companion for a variety of people, and we’re excited to introduce dog lovers to another fantastic breed that may be a perfect match for their family. As always, we encourage people to do their research to find the right breed for their lifestyle.”

Joining the Toy Group, the Biewer Terrier is a happy-go-lucky dog with a childlike, whimsical attitude. Their purpose is to love and be loved, making them excellent companions. These dogs are loyal and a friend to all they meet. Their long coat requires daily brushing to keep it free of mats. Biewer Terriers are easy going and don’t need a great deal of exercise. Daily walks and playtime will give them the activity they need.

AKC Recognition offers the breed the opportunity to compete at all levels of AKC-sanctioned events. Recognition does not necessarily mean that the breed is a newly created breed. Many of the breeds that gain full AKC-recognition have existed for many years, and some are ancient. To become an AKC-recognized breed there must be an active following and interest in the breed by owners in the U.S. as well as an established breed club of responsible owners and breeders. There also must be a sufficient population of dogs in the United States geographically distributed throughout the county. Breeds working towards full recognition are recorded in AKC’s Foundation Stock Service® (FSS®). Additional information on the process can be found at

They’re so cute!

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Buckeye Paws

Photo:  Shari Dunaway on Twitter
Photo: Shari Dunaway on Twitter

From The Columbus Dispatch: The Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center has launched a new therapy dog program. Many hospitals have therapy dogs to visit patients, although most such programs have been suspended due to COVID19. What makes Wexner’s program different is that these dogs are there for the caregivers, not the patients.

Four dogs, each of whom has a family member who works at Wexner, are currently involved, although they hope to expand the program to 12 dogs. The dogs and their handlers wander the halls and visit nursing units, giving hugs and comfort to employees who are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress due to the heavy workload associated with Corona on top of their normal duties.

If you’re thinking you’ve heard of the program before, you may be right if you are on Twitter. The photo of Shiloh (above) was posted by Dr. Shari Dunaway in November with the caption, “My hospital hired an employee whose only job is to go around saying hi to other employees while they work.”

Such a great idea at a much needed time.

Point of personal privilege: Congrats to Ohio State on making it to the national football championship! Go Bucks!

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Shelter Sunday: Smokey / Hawaii Dog Foundation / Waipahu, HI

Smokey HI

Meet Smokey! This handsome boy is a hound / Shar Pei mix who has hereditary mange. Don’t let his skin condition freak you out. My Checkers has mange, and it is very easy to manage with medication – she looks great! Here’s what Smokey’s rescuers have to say about him:
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Saturday Survey: Keeping Your Dog Comfortable in Cold Weather


It’s been a pretty mild winter so far here in northeastern Ohio, with mud more of a problem for us than snow and ice. But I know that’s not true everywhere. If you live in a colder climate, do you have to do anything to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the winter?

How do you keep your dog comfortable in the winter?

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Happy New Year!

(Whispering in case you were a little too exuberant in celebrating the end of 2020.) All of us at and wish you a happy new year. It can only be up from here.

May peace and happiness be abundant in 2021.

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A Heartwarming Story To End The Year

Here’s a link to the full story from ABC-7

This is a shelter with an uncommon focus. In addition to rescuing animals, W-Underdogs works with underprivileged kids. Their mission: The W-Underdogs organization empowers youth in underserved communities to discover their voices and teaches them the value of compassion toward animals and people.

They are in the process of moving into a new shelter in Atlanta, so the fire wasn’t as devastating as it might have been, and all the animals are A-OK.

I’m told the shelter is working on collecting funds to help their Good Samaritan, but I couldn’t find a link anywhere.

I told you this would be a heartwarming story!

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