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Mayfield Lorenzo

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve heard the awfulness that is coming out of Mayfield, Kentucky, following the monster tornado that hit a candle factory there.

Here are links to the closest animal shelters, which I suspect are about to get very busy, very soon.

Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter

Humane Society of Calloway County

And if you want to help the humans, too, here are a couple of places to donate:

Blue Grass Community Foundation

American Red Cross
(You can specify Disaster Relief, if you’d like to.)

Please give til it helps. Christmas is going to be rough for these folks.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Oreo Returns Home After Arkansas Tornado

Photo:  John Brecher / NBC News
Photo: John Brecher / NBC News
I’d call this one lucky dog! After devastating tornadoes ripped through Arkansas and much of the south last week, hundreds are returning to pick through the debris that was once their lives. In the case of Pastor Wade Lentz and his family, the loss of their stuff was only one problem. They also assumed their dog Oreo had been lost to the storm.
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