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Rabbit Hash, KY

Mayor Lucy Lou
A Facebook post from a friend of mine who is traveling in Northern Kentucky.

Sunday afternoon, settin’ a spell on the front porch of the General Store with Miss Katie, eating caramels and drinking iced tea. The mayor of Rabbit Hash is a pitbull named Brynneth Pawltrow; her vice mayor is a terrier named JackJack; and they’re both mighty friendly. Right before this, deep in the Kentucky countryside, we saw a camel. I’m not making any of this up. Continue reading Rabbit Hash, KY

Shelter Sunday: Shamrock Pet Foundation / Louisville, KY

Johnny KYMeet Johnny! Johnny is currently living in Louisville, Kentucky under the care of the Shamrock Pet Foundation. It being March, I couldn’t resist choosing this shelter for my Shelter Sunday Feature. Here’s what the foundation’s website has to say about this handsome boy.
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