Oreo Returns Home After Arkansas Tornado

Photo:  John Brecher / NBC News
Photo: John Brecher / NBC News
I’d call this one lucky dog! After devastating tornadoes ripped through Arkansas and much of the south last week, hundreds are returning to pick through the debris that was once their lives. In the case of Pastor Wade Lentz and his family, the loss of their stuff was only one problem. They also assumed their dog Oreo had been lost to the storm.

NBC News reports that as the family dug through what was left of their home, one of the Lentz sons saw something moving, and out came Oreo from the rubble! He was clearly happy to see his family after such an ordeal, and he had only a small scratch to show that anything out of the ordinary had happened.

The Lentz family believes the dog may have been sucked up in the tornado and set down somewhere, then found his way home. It seems this dog one time tunneled out of a kennel while the family was on vacation and came home to wait for them. He must have a really good sense of direction!

Our warmest wishes to the family as they reconstruct after the storm. We’re glad they will at least have their beloved Oreo along for the ride.

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