Life with Jake III

Those of you who are faithful readers will remember my friend Wendy’s dog Jake, who is taking her through the trials and tribulations of puppyhood. This time, Jake actually embarrased himself!

Jake likes to tear up the plastic bags from the grocery store. The other day, he went to steal some bags and didn’t know Wendy was watching him. When she yelled, he was caught off-guard and got his leg caught in the handle of a bag. He tripped on the bag and rolled over on his head! (Then, of course, looked around innocently as if he had meant to do that.) But, he hasn’t gotten into the bags again since then.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Life with Jake III”

  1. Thanks for asking, Dawn! Yes – he’s fine. He was just over visiting us the other day, and was as wild as always. Wendy brings him over here so my dogs can tire him out!

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