How bad does your dog smell?

No, it’s not a trick question.  If your dog’s aroma gets to be too much for you, consider purchasing dog perfume.  And if he REALLY stinks, you can purchase V.I.P. Parfum for the bargain basement price of $2999.99.  Come on, they kept it under three grand!

Paw Palace offers perfumes for your dog ranging in price from $8.99 to the afore-mentioned $2999.99 – a fragrance for every budget.

Other purveyors of pooch perfume are Glamour Dog, which offers a range of fragrance and beauty products for the budget-conscious, but fashionable dog and 4 Paws on 5th Avenue, whose offerings include Liz “Claybone” fragrance.

So, before you take your dog to the park, make sure he or she is smelling good.  The truly classy dogs are just sniffing butt anymore!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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