Doggy Doesn’t Let Meat into Taiwan

Doggy, a 4-year old mixed breed, is one of 27 sniffer dogs who work at Taiwan‘s International Airports.  First trained to assist the elderly, Doggy soon proved to have the high energy and high food drive required for success in the sniffer dog program. 


She was sent for training to the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, and now has an 80% success rate, detecting meat, fresh fruit, and living plants being smuggled into Taiwan.  These items must be quarantined to prevent disease introduction on the island.


Among her successes:  a woman who was trying to smuggle in a ham by disguising it as a vegetarian product! 


Doggy’s 26 co-workers are mostly beagles, known for their high energy and keen noses.  Together, they detect an annual average of 30 tons of banned agricultural and animal products being illegally smuggled into Taiwan.


Passengers who are caught face a fine of at least $3,000 Taiwanese, which is about $92 American.


I’m thinking any of my dogs could do this job.  They always seem to know where the food is at my house!  Even when I don’t realize I’ve spilled something, I just have to follow the dogs to find the mess!


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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