Dog Cruelty Sentencing in England

Dateline:  Hailsham, England…..Does this seem like a bit of a light sentence to anyone besides me?  An unlicensed breeder had 26 Rottweilers and Boxers in absolutely nightmarish conditions and only got sentenced to a ban on owning dogs for 3 years?

According to a story on the BBC, the woman had docked the tails of the dogs and left blood spatter all over her home.  The dogs had used the inside of the home for their bathroom, and she didn’t bother to clean it up.  Some of the dogs were left in the garage in total darkness.  At least one puppy had an eye that was displaced out of its socket.

No jail time, although she did get community service.  But shouldn’t she be banned for life from owning dogs?  You just have to wonder what’s going to change in three years.  Is she suddenly going to become better educated about caring for dogs?  Is she going to become more compassionate?

This one, I just don’t understand at all!

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Good day, and good dog!

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