Saturday Survey: Where Does Your Dog Sleep

Those of you who read my post Wednesday night know that I was getting a kick this week out of where my animals had sprawled for the night.  So, I’m curious – where does your dog sleep at night?  For this week, I haven’t blocked multiple responses, so be sure to submit an answer for each of your dogs, if you have more than one.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Where Does Your Dog Sleep”

  1. What is it with animals & laundry? My cat actually likes to sleep in the dirty clothes basket. Threw my pj’s on her the other morning in the dark! (She’s a black cat.)

    And, Val – I think it is too funny that we popped up under your book title’s name on a Google Alert!

  2. My dog, a miniature pinscher, sleeps mostly under the covers….any covers, she’s even tried to crawl up under my shirt, until I put a blanket on my lap, but her other favorite spot to sleep is curled up on the back of my couch.
    And she adores it when I take the clothes out of the dryer before they reach the “cooling” cycle. She’ll burrow underneath the clothing as if she’s got hypothermia.

  3. In addition to sleeping everywhere listed up there dogs aren’t “supposed” to sleep, my Boxer also likes to strew my dirty laundry all over the floor (especially into the closet for some reason, she can open doors) and sleep on it. It took me the longest time to figure out that that was why my laundry mysteriously levitated out of the basket.
    I also used to have a crib mattress made up like a real bed for her at the foot of my bed but she didn’t like to sleep alone much even then. If it was really hot she’d sleep on it off and on throughout the night. But I tried.

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