Lost Dog Saves Boy’s Life

PawNation is reporting on a dog who was being fostered after running away from home.  While the dog was in foster care, one of his human companions, who happens to have Downs Syndrome, experienced a seizure. 

In true Lassie fashion, the dog was able to attract the attention of the boy’s mother and lead her to the boy in time to save his life!  Pretty darn impressive!

Read the whole story (much more eloquently told) here.

Kudos to all involved for making the right decisions about the family and the dog!

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Good day, and good dog.

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2 thoughts on “Lost Dog Saves Boy’s Life”

  1. Canyon Ridge Kennels has refunded the money that I paid for my dog. The owner took my concerns about further breeding of the parents seriously.
    They are a reputable breeder and one to consider if you desire to purchase a purebred Golden Retreiver or Visla

  2. I bought a Golden Retriever puppy from Canyon Ridge Kennels in May. My pup has bilateral elbow dysplasia and is going for arthroscopic surgery next week. This will cost me around $3400 in addition to the diagnostic XRays and bloodwork he has already had. I contacted this breeder and she said the law does not pertain to them because they bred less than three litters in the last year. I paid $1200 for my puppy and they won’t even refund that amount. They also do not seem to have a problem breeding the parents again even though they know one or both of them carry the disease. What a shame since ED is now in one of ten Goldens.

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