Have You Ever Seen a Dog Smile?

Check out these pix from my brother.  It seems many dogs are entirely capable of expressing their happiness!

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen a Dog Smile?”

  1. I’ve noticed some dogs do “smile” when they’re nervous even though it looks like they are baring their teeth. It’s weird. Oh well.

  2. My Sheltie, named Duncan (now deceased) would grin when I would show him the empty palms of both hands after I had given him a treat.
    My other Sheltie, named Hope, (now deceased) loved to stick her nose in yogurt cup and lick it clean.
    I sure do miss both of them.

  3. If you know anyone who is looking to place a male or female Shetland Sheep Dog in a good and loving home, who would spoil and pamper him/her, please contact me. Both of my beloved Shelties had health problems, that I took care of, untill they died at age 10. (but not at the same time). I am a senior adult and I love Shelties and I can promise them an excellent home. I will give vet references if desired. I prefer older dogs as I love to walk, but will consider all but new puppies, They will have a large fenced in back yard to play in, but I have no problem in keeping them inside.

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