Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Bark a Lot?

It’s funny to me how some of the dogs I’ve had bark a ton, while others seem to have no interest at all in voicing their opinions.  What about your dogs?


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5 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Does Your Dog Bark a Lot?”

  1. Yes, dogs bark for a reason. The reason they bark is their owners Want them to. These owners Encourage the barking, Reinforce the barking, Rationalize the barking as somehow ‘what dogs do’. Happy, well-adjusted dogs don’t feel the need to bark. Neurotic, fearful dogs are the ones that bark, because their owners exhibit not the slightest leadership to the contrary. It’s the same as a parent not correcting their screaming kid in a grocery store, saying it’s just what kids do. The same as letting your teenager blast his stereo at max volume with the windows open, claiming ‘teens will be teens’. It’s intellectual laziness or misguided passivity, resulting in a dog having to live its whole life dragging around a totally unnecessary psychological ball and chain. Shame on the owners, pity on the neighbors, and condolences to the frustrated dog.

  2. Some dogs only bark when they see other dogs, even when the other dogs are a few yards away. Similarly, other dogs will bark when they see people that they do not know. If you can figure out why your dog is barking, you can prevent them from doing so by removing the stimulus.

    This might be as simple as bringing your dog to the backyard when you know that the mail is going to be delivered or keeping your dog inside instead of outside. Remember that dogs always bark for a reason, even if it does not seem that way at first to you, so find out what is going on!

  3. It was a lighthearted comment. Barking can be annoying but it’s no crisis and not all barking is bad barking. She may just be saying Hello very excitedly. My dog does it too. Or did. She was in the kennel for a week and a half and lost her bark sooo it’s not such an issue anymore although I feel like a bad mommy. She has separation anxiety so a week and a half and she stopped eating and everything poor thing 🙁

  4. What is this nonsense about “if we could” stop the barking. Of course you can. Do you think people whose dogs don’t act as neurotic as yours are magicians? Do you think their dogs are unhappy because they don’t get upset when a dog walks by?

    To make your dog no longer get upset, and to make everyone in your family happier, and to make everyone in your Neighborhood happier, you need to get the notion that the house belongs to the DOG out of your mindset. It isn’t cute, it isn’t healthy, and it isn’t fair to the dog or the people. The dog barking is a behavior EASILY corrected, so it’s clear you just aren’t doing it, not that it can’t be done. For the sake of your dog’s mental health, your family’s happiness and your neighborhood’s peace and quiet, learn to control your dog. Buy a book, hire a trainer, get a behavior DVD — there are lots of resources out there to help you easily end your dog’s neurotic behavior. National Geographic even has a weekly show following a dog behaviorist who you get to see for no expense on your part whatsoever even though he charges $1500 a visit in person.

  5. I think if we could get a handle on the barking everyone in the family would be happier. Even if she sees a dog walking on the next street which you can see from our house, she gets upset, and heaven forbid they walk past our house.
    She will jump up from a seemingly sound sleep and run to the window to bark even if it’s dark,she KNOWS there is another dog on HER street. Our kids say that pretty soon she will know if a dog just came into HER city!

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