Saturday Survey: Which dog has impacted you most?

If you’ve been paying attention this week, you know that the AKC developed a list of the breeds that have most embodied America’s tasted in canine companionship over the past 125 years, which begs the question:  which dog has had the most impact on your life?

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Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Which dog has impacted you most?”

  1. The ones I have right now! Without Betsy we would not have our dog toy store. She is the inspiration for the the descriptions, emails, and the type & variety of toys. Betsy was not an easy puppy to raise; however, when we found Norman on the street he help to calm her down. No one could ask for a better friend than Norman — he is calm, collected, cuddly, and understanding. Together they make perfect companions. Personally, I think that they are the best dogs on earth!

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