Saturday Survey: Did Your Dog Have a Good Christmas?

Santa RottI hope your Christmas celebration was absolutely wonderful yesterday.  How did your dog enjoy the day?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Did Your Dog Have a Good Christmas?”

  1. Because Betsy and Norman own a dog toy store…they get children’s toys for presents. Norman was thrilled with his Ty Yodel floor pillow; however, Betsy did NOT like her big Ty Holiday Bear. She glared at it and would not go near it. She is starting to warm up to it…but it surely looked like she was not happy with Santa paws.

  2. Our E. Setter basically slept by the tree the whole time we were opening presents. She had two of her own but was not the least bit interested! A real party pooper.

  3. My dog and I did a late-Christmas-night trip around the neighborhood, I was in a Santa hat and she was wearing sleigh bells so she jingled like Santa’s sleigh. It came from my grandpa shaking sleigh bells from our roof at midnight Christmas night when I was a kid. We’d get so excited but knew we had to pretend to be asleep or Santa would leave. So much fun!

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