The Incredible Journey, featuring beautiful dogs

The Incredible JourneyWe just finished re-watching “The Incredible Journey” on Hallmark Channel.  If you’ve never had the pleasure, or have forgotten about the movie, as I had, it is one old chestnut worth renting.

It features a beautiful yellow lab and his trusty sidekicks, an old bull terrier and a Siamese cat.  When their family travels overseas, they go to live with the children’s godfather, 200 miles away.  The godfather decides to go on a hunting trip and leaves the animals outside for his housekeeper to bring in when she arrives a few hours later, but the animals have another idea.

They decide to head for their family’s home, located across some beautiful countryside and a very cold mountain range.  If the plot sounds familiar, it was later remade under the name of “Homeward Bound”, but the original is extraordinary.

I won’t ruin the ending for you, except to say that the plot follows the format of every other Disney movie ever made.  It’s a worthwhile movie to see, if only for the beautiful scenery and the wonderful dogs.  Definitely would be great for your kids or for the kid in you.

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Good day, and good dog!

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  1. Forgot all about this movie. One of the great movies from my childhood – I’ll have to go watch it again and recommend anyone that hasn’t to go do the same.

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