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4 pawsI was in the drug store last night, picking up pain pills for a friend who had run over her own foot with her van (long story) when I came across a display of devotional books.  One in particular caught my eye because it was related to dogs – of course!

Harvest House Publishing published this book in 2006, but it is still just as relevant today. The name of the book is Four Paws from Heaven:  Devotions for Dog Lovers, by M.R. Wells, Kris Young, and Connie Fleishauer.

From the publisher’s web site:

Three talented writers and dog masters share wisdom gleaned while walking through life alongside four paws. Through dog tales and human stories, this pack of short, enjoyable devotions focuses on spiritual lessons, including:

  • who we are on the inside matters
  • rebellion blocks blessings
  • boundaries are for our own good
  • using our talents glorifies God
  • if we always bark, we won’t hear our instructions

Pet lovers will find encouragement and guidance for their own life through invitations to reflect on the love, companionship, and insight dogs give to those who love them.

You can find this book in many bookstores – just ask for ISBN 978-0-7369-1640-0.  Let me know how you like it!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Dog Devotions”

  1. My favorite dog book is called A Dog’s Life by Ann M. Martin. It is sucha great book about how a dog named Squirrel lives. It is a very touching story that is sometimes sad, but a wonderful book I recommend to people 9 and up.

    Litia Brosnan
    4 Mulberry Street
    Boston, MA

  2. Thanks for the book idea. It sounds like a very good book for dogs and life. I shall go see if I can find it today.
    Thanks again for sharing the ‘find’.

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