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sniffing beagleWe have talked from time to time about the various ways of finding your dog when he gets the urge to run. I have a beagle, aka a nose with feet attached, so I know whereof I speak.  If you’re considering buying a pet locator, check out our comparison of brands here.

But I digress.  I got notification last week from the good folks at SpotlightGPS Pet Locator that they now have a free app for the iPhone that will allow you to track your dog’s location, as well as set up safe areas where the dog is allowed to roam.

Below is their press release.

Positioning Animals Worldwide, Inc. (PAW) today announced the general availability of the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator mobile iPhone application. Developed by PAW, SpotLight GPS Pet Locator is the only product that combines GPS tracking technology with the 24/7 AKC CAR (American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery) recovery services, paving the way home for the millions of pets that go missing each year.

“The SpotLight iPhone app is another piece to our corporate strategy of lowering consumer’s anxieties when they have to be away from their pets, and if lost, have the best tools to recover their pet as quickly as possible,” said Chris Newton, CEO of PAW. “With the addition of the iPhone application consumers can now get real-time turn-by-turn direction from their iPhone, from the internet and by calling 1 888 DOG-LOC8 where an AKC CAR professional will direct them to their pet.”

The SpotLight mobile iPhone application is feature rich yet easy to use. For example, it allows the user to locate multiple pets and plot them via three different views (satellite view, digital map or hybrid) on a map. It also utilizes the phone’s GPS so when you are tracking your dog it will update your current location as well as your pets, all in real-time.

“We are happy to offer this application for free so that SpotLight users will quickly adopt another tool to keep in their pet safety and security tool bag,” continued Chris Newton.

The SpotLight mobile application enhances many of the core features that SpotLight offers eliminating the need for a separate text message. From the app you can turn on and off the bright LED light so that you can find your dog at night. Non iPhone users will still be able to send text messages to your pet to turn on/off the LED light and to get real time location information and alerts.

The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator mobile iPhone app is a free download at Apple iTunes . To view and download visit itunes.

About PAW:
Positioning Animals Worldwide (PAW) was formed in 2008 by a team of experienced and passionate pet owners with the collective mission to reduce the number of lost pets by enabling reliable and timely tracking to locate and recover lost pets. Through a partnership with American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), PAW’s flagship product, SpotLight GPS Pet Locator, is the only tracking system that bundles GPS technology with the recovery assistance of AKC CAR’s team of recovery experts. For more information, visit

About SpotLight GPS Pet Locator:
SpotLight GPS Pet Locator is the only pet protection system combining GPS tracking technology with dedicated, everyday 24-hour recovery service provided by American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery. For more information, visit

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “There’s an app for that!”

  1. That was absolutely the best description of a beagle that I have ever heard. Last year my beagle caught a “scent” & despite me calling him back repeatedly he just followed his nose & totally ignored me, not even looking up when his name was called. My friends (none of whom have a beagle) cannot understand how this could happen. Now thanks to you I can finally give a rational answer…. because a beagle is a nose with feet attached!!!

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