Dog-related Goods from The Wireless Catalog

Dogs are betterOne of my most favorite mail-order catalogs is the one from Wireless.  It’s got lots of goofy t-shirts and merchandise based on TV shows, but the best part is the dog-related merchandise they have.  Here’s a sample from the 2010 summer preview catalog.


     My Therapist has a wet nose (written in front of a picture of a puppy).

     My favorite child is furry and has four legs.

     Get a long little doggy (written under a picture of a Dachshund).

A doormat showing one dog sniffing under another’s tail, with “Greetings” written underneath.

A scarf with the body of Dachshund knitted all the way down it.

A lapel pin showing a dog’s face with flying ears (must be a Bassett).

If you’re looking for innovative gifts for your friends and family (who know you’re crazy about dogs), check out

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Good day, and good dog!

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