Stamps for Shelter Pets

Did you know you can now help out shelter pets simply by mailing a letter?  Maybe it’s time to take a break from e-mail and paying the bills electronically so you can use some stamps now available from the US Postal Service.  According to their press release: 

The U.S. Postal Service continued a 50-year tradition today with the dedication of its latest social awareness stamp — Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet. The 44-cent stamps, on sale nationwide, feature photographs of five cats and five dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups. 

“As a pet owner myself, I find this campaign enormously gratifying. Because of these stamps and the Stamps to the Rescue campaign, more people will learn about the plight of shelter animals,” said Joseph Corbett, Postal Service Chief Financial Officer. “More people, we believe, will adopt shelter animals, fewer people will abandon their pets, more people will spay or neuter their animals, and fewer animals will suffer.”

HALO, the holistic pet company partly owned by Ellen DeGenerous, has pledged to buy food for 1 million shelter animals during the stamps’ roll-out campaign.

 For more information, check out Stamps to the Rescue

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  1. I just rescued an Australian Sheppard and she’s a lovie. Finding her a new home has been hard, though, not a lot of people want to take on pets right now.

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