Bow Wow Beach

Wow!  We took the dogs to Bow Wow Beach in Stow today – what a blast!!!  Kayla started off right away being aggressive to the other dogs, so we had to leave her in the car. (Yes, I left the A/C on.)  Penny didn’t think too much of the water, but Maggie loved it.

I met my first Leonberger – beautiful dog, but so hairy and incredibly big!  His name is Kasey.  The lab was named Kitty (too cute!).  My son thought throwing the ball for the lab was a great game, and apparently so did Kitty!

The main reason we went was to try to get Cooper used to swimming so he’d be a little more interested in dock diving.  I can’t say it was a total success, but he did get a little wet.  I took a picture of him in the water so my dock diving friends would believe he actually got in.  He only went as far as he could touch, but you could tell he was at least thinking about following the other dogs in a little deeper.

We stayed for a couple of hours, and now the dogs are absolutely exhausted!  I don’t think any of them even sat down for a minute the whole time we were there.  So many dogs to visit with, and so many people to sniff at.

And most of my pictures actually turned out this time!

Anyways, if you’re near northeastern Ohio, make sure to make time for a trip to Bow Wow Beach in Stow.  It’s a great place, and best of all, it’s free!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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