Shelter Sunday: HALO / Phoenix, AZ

Meet Amos, a black-and-tan hound living under the guardianship of Helping Animals Live On in Phoenix. According to the HALO website:

Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog….and although I don’t cry ALL the time I will let you hear my deep and beautiful howl. My name is Amos and I am a 2 year old Black and Tan Hound. I sure act a lot younger the way I jump, run and flail my long legs around. Needless to say I will need some training and a LOT of exercise to learn my manners but I promise you won’t get bored with me! I keep all the staff and volunteers at HALO on their toes with my silly antics and deep howl. I get along well with other dogs that want to have a good time like I do! My favorite thing to do is wrestle but I also play with toys. If your current dogs aren’t too active I probably would be a bit overwhelming for them and it would not be a good match. I am great with people and although I would knock down younger kids I would love to have older children to play with. I do very well keeping my crate clean all night, so housetraining shouldn’t be a problem. Also keep in mind I am a hound and I have a great sense of smell and boy do I use my nose a lot! It is a necessity to have a very good fence around your yard for me, because once I get the whiff of summer bar-b-q’s I will be off like a rocket! My adoption fee covers my neuter, vaccinations, de-wormers, microchip and collar with tags. If you are looking for a goofy and loving boy and have the time and energy to work with me then I am definitely the boy for you!

If you’re near the Phoenix area, why not stop by HALO and check out Amos.  And if you’re not in Phoenix, check out shelters near you in PetFinder’s  Shelter Center.

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