Shelter Sunday: Basset Rescue Network / Acton, CA

Meet Beau!  This adorable basset hound is a resident of the Basset Rescue Network at Daphneyland, near Los Angeles, CA.

Beau is a 12 – 14 month old male, neutered, short coat basset, 50 lbs, house-trained in progress, gets along great with other dogs, kids, highly active with all that puppy, young adult energy, very friendly. Beau would be great for an active family. He does not seem to care about the feral cats outside, but will bark at them, if the other hounds are making a fuss.

According to their web site, Basset Rescue Network is comprised of volunteers from all walks of life, who donate their time, talents, labor and money to assist in saving the lives of Basset Hounds.

As a non-profit organization, we focus on the purebred basset hound who may end up in animal shelters, humane societies, or may be the victim of animal abuse, neglect, perhaps the basset hound was just unwanted, a situation beyond the control of an owner may land a basset hound in a “rescue” – or just being misunderstood.

Each hound has their own story and our volunteers pick hounds up from shelters and transport them to our rehabilitation center, to the vets, help socialize, care for them, feed them, groom them, work with them on leash training, house training, etc.

Basset Rescue Network is the largest Basset Hound rescue organization in the United States, but they are currently in dire financial need.  Check out this Associated Press article on the need for donations.  Please help if you can:  sponsor a dog, send money, foster or adopt if you are in the Los Angeles area.  If Bassets aren’t your breed (gasp!), or if you’re not in California, check out the rescues and shelters near you at the Petfinder Shelter Center.

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Shelter Sunday: Basset Rescue Network / Acton, CA”

  1. I think rescuing or adopting dogs or puppies is the way to go.

    We decided we wanted a Weimaraner in 2004. I did some research and after about 2 weeks, found a beautiful Weimie puppy ready fo go home with me. The breeder and I lived 12 hours apart, so we had a weekend planned to meet at a half way point.

    When I went back on the website to get the breeder’s email to ask for directions, I found an older Weimie puppy about 1 mile away from me in dire need of a home. The owner had 3 weimaraners, and after her divorce and sale of her house, had no choice but to give her weimies away. My family and I went to meet the one female puppy left, and it was love at first sight!

    With some serious training, our Weimie is now 6 years old, house broken, and just a lovely, lovely dog.

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