Saturday Survey: What’s the Cutest Thing Your Dog Does?

I’m watching a show on Animal Planet that has the five best dogs doing x, y, and z – several different categories. So, what’s the cutest thing your dog does?

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: What’s the Cutest Thing Your Dog Does?”

  1. The cutest thing our Weimaraner does is at the end of the day, after she has had her walk and her blue dog bakery treat, is come to sit next to me while I’m watching television. I ask her if she wants “her blanky?” and she will look at me, then her couch, and when I stand up she will jump on her couch and lay down. I will then tuck her blanket around her. She then takes her nose, and makes a pocket, and then tucks her nose into the blanket pocket. She gives a big sigh, and then falls instantly asleep.

  2. Jill – My mom used to let us “hide” under the covers when she made the beds. The woman was a saint. If one of my kids even thought about trying that when I was hurrying to make the beds before leaving for work, I think I’d have one less child! Thanks for bringing back a long lost childhood memory!

  3. My Broady loves to play hide and seek under the bed covers. First I hide and say where did Mommy go? He finds me and just kisses me all over. I then throw the covers up to make the bed and my big golden retriever jumps under the cover and lays real still til I say “Where’s my Broady, Where’s my Broady”. I then give him a big belly rub and say I found him, I found him. That;s the cutest trick that my pet does.

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