Animal Planet Gears Up for the Super Bowl

I just love watching Animal Planet while I wait for the Super Bowl to start. I knew the 11th Annual Puppy Bowl would be on this afternoon, but I was flipping through channels this morning and came upon another show that I hope will be an annual competition for them.

The show was called America’s Cutest Dogs, and it was a compilation of cute dog videos from the Internet. My favorite one is shown here, but it didn’t even place among the finalists.

The show had seven categories: Take A Bow Wow (dog performances), Hound Sounds, Man or Mutt, What the Woof (featuring confused dogs, as the Golden Retriever above), Dreamy Dogs, Mutts on the Move, and Best Friends. One finalist was named for each category:
Take a Bow Wow: a dancing hairless Chinese Crested
Hound Sounds: a Husky refusing to go into his kennel
Man or Mutt: a Chihuahua doing yoga
What the Woof: a Golden Retriever trying (from inside the car) to get to the windshield wipers
Dreamy Dog: a Shina Ibu puppy barking in her sleep (another one of my favorites)
Mutts on the Move: a puppy sliding down the stairs on her belly
Best Friends: one dog opening the door for another

I won’t tell you who won the overall competition, but you can find more details and videos on Animal Planet.

And, don’t forget: Puppy Bowl XI starts at 3 pm eastern, as Animal Planet keeps you entertained while you’re waiting for that other big game today.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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