A Labor Day Tribute to Dogs

All Dogs Are Working Dogs

Some dogs listen to children read

Some dogs for blind people, lead

Some dogs protect the herds

Some dogs chase after birds

Some dogs guard hearth and home

Some dogs on the farm, roam

Some dogs just sit and listen

Some dogs keep the cats hissin’

Some dogs keep your lap warm

Some dogs stay in the dorm

Some dogs work with the cops

Some dogs are companions for Pops

Some dogs will lower your stress

Some dogs will clean up a mess

Some dogs care for the sick

Some dogs chase after a stick

There’s all kinds of work for a dog

They even come on your morning jog

When you need a helper or a friend

On your dog you can depend

In rain, sleet, snow, or fog

We can always count on our dog!

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2 thoughts on “A Labor Day Tribute to Dogs”

  1. Some dogs chew up your house.
    Some dogs will steal your dinner
    Some dogs will ask for money but will not tell you what it is for.
    Some dogs will eat your children and then try to frame it on the cat.
    Some dogs will come on your morning jog whilst their friends clear out your house.

    We can always count on our dog to do something embarrassing.

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