Saturday Survey: Anti-Puppy Mill Laws

On Tuesday, Missourians passed a law that forces breeders to act responsibly and treat all of the dogs in their care humanely.  Does your state have a similar law?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Anti-Puppy Mill Laws”

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  2. I am glad to hear of some sort of legislation on puppy mills. Here in the San Diego area the population of dogs and cats don’t come from puppy mills though. There sems to be a market for PUPPIES of mixed parentage and purebred parents with no registration papers. This leaves the new puppy owner with no history of temperment or genetic predisposition to disabling problems. This leaves the area shelters and rescues with the daunting task of caring for as many of these animals as possible, and euthanizing the rest. The Pit Bull Terriers, Chows, and Chihuahaus seem to bethemost neglected of the purebreds. Then there are the mixed breeds. They don’t seem to have a chance of finding a home. I know of no rescue for mixed bred dogs. Who are breeding these mixed breed dogs? Besides the dogs that are not sterilized, there are people like my nieghbor. He started with a Shar Pei and a Bull Mastiff.They got onto my property and attacked my two dogs twice. Then they went two miles to attack and kill another dog. The results of that was, they had to make restitution to the dead dogs owners and build a six foot fence. Then they proceded to breed these dogs. They produced six puppies the first litter. Of those they kept four. Then there was another litter from the original litter. Then the female puppy from the first litter had a litter with either from her father or brother. This has been goin on for at least three years. There are six adults, one female brindle young adult, and an expectant bitch, and a litter of puppies around three months old. There have been no less than two litters a year. This has been a pact in there own yard. Animal control will do nothing, so I am assuming there is no law against the practise of indiscrimanate breeding of dogs. These are very aggressive dogs. They have killed a small dog of mine. I am in the process of putting up a solid metal fence along the 180 feet of common property. I am doing this with a taser in hand, as they can get their heads through the existing fence (I actually considered carrying a 38 pistol). I imagine there have been at least thirty puppies produced. They are inbred, unstable dogs. Where is the future for these dogs. There aren’t enough junk yards in this area to support them. They aren’t safe around children or other dogs. WHAT CAN BE DONE ???

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