Tuesday Top Ten: Celebrity Pet Gifts from Sandy Robins

Not all about dogs today, but I thought this was an interesting take on how the rich and famous celebrate the holidays with their pets.  Celebrity pets are almost as primped and pampered as their famous parents, so you can only begin to imagine what kind of holiday gifts celebs will bestow on their furry, four-legged friends. As the holidays inch closer, pet-lifestyle expert and author of “Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat,” Sandy Robins, has announced her picks for the Top Ten Celebrity Pet Presents for the season bringing new meaning to the phrase, “You lucky dog!”

  1. The Bush’s: Mr. Jinx using the toilet in Meet the Parents may not be just Hollywood magic. Enter the Litter Kwitter, a cat toilet training system that will eradicate the use of litter and a litter box altogether, allowing your cat to help decrease it’s carbon “pawprint.” Don’t be surprised if former President George W. Bush gifts his cat Willie with the Litter Kwitter so he can use the royal throne. Robins says, “Cats are really smart. With “purr”severance and the help of this DVD you can train fluffy to flush.”
  2. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: These two have been spotted in Aspen with their pup during the holidays, but how can hound stay hot like his momma in the freezing temperatures? The Pet ZZZ Pad is a safe heating pad for animals. “This is a wonderfully functional gift for your cat or dog,” says Robins. “All pets love to snuggle, and a heating pad will not only give them a warm snooze zone, but will help eradicate painful arthritis and joint issues that are further exacerbated by cold weather.”
  3. Simon Cowell: Not all celebs flock to a Fido or feline. Believe it or not, Simon Cowell is a huge hamster fan and had 18 while growing up. He even trained them to do tricks. Robins says, “Avoid the traditional and celebrate the holidays by adding a furry or scaly friend to the mix.” PETCO carries “My First Home Hamster Kits” and “My First Home Reptile Kits” that donate a percentage of proceeds to the Tree of Hope Fundraiser benefitting local animal welfare groups. Robins cautions, “both hamsters and reptiles require a commitment, so make sure your family is ready for a pet before buying one.”
  4. Lindsay Lohan: Based on her recent behavior, it seems Lindsay might be in greater need of a short leash than her maltese, but the Patento Dog-e Walk is an incredible training device for dogs that shouldn’t go overlooked. It automatically pulls on the leash when the dog tries to lead. Robins says, “This is the first time it has hit the U.S. shelves and can only be found at PETCO, so I’d grab one before it sells out.”
  5. Adam Sandler: If your pooch is a big eater like Matzo ball, Adam Sandler’s brawny bulldog, Robins suggests the Thanksgiving Kit & Holiday Sampler from Merrick. “People food is for people, but this kit will give your dog his own turkey dinner packed with wholesome ingredients that won’t ruin his diet so your dog can be a true part of the family dinner.”
  6. Ron Burgundy: Celebrity news anchor, Ron Burgundy, loves wearing matching PJs  with his dog Baxter and why not? Robins suggests having a little fun and getting your doggie his or her own set. “Many dogs with short coats really feel the cold. Fashion meets function with these pet pajamas that are ideal for home wear and smart enough for a casual outing to the store.”
  7. Rosie O’Donnell: Talk show hosts like Rosie often battle it out for air time with their co-hosts. At least now she doesn’t have to share the airspace with her pooch. Barkoff, an ultrasonic bark deterrent, trains your dog to not bark without reason. “This no-pain training aid is perfect for noisy dogs and has no wires or cords so you can take it with you anywhere, meaning your dog is always welcome,” says Robins.
  8. Matt Lauer: Even though he swore he would never wear a Snuggie, Matt Lauer sported one on The Today Show… will his dog be next? Robins states, “I love my Snuggie and now they are making a pup-sized version. This is the perfect gift for you and your pet to curl up together and spend some quality time on the couch.”
  9. Drew Barrymore: This starlet recently exclaimed on The Letterman Show that her mixed breed rescue dog is “the best cuddler in the world.” She’s sure to miss her cuddle buddy when she travels to film a movie, so Robins suggests buying a Pillow Pet for those lonely nights. “They are an ideal accessory for car travel for both kids and pets and useful at your destination too,” says Robins. The pet-themed animals unbutton to create a pillow for the perfect cuddle.
  10. Betty White: During interviews Betty White has called her cats “brilliant conversationalists” and gushes about what great companions they are, so it’s easy to picture her feline friends all decked out for the holidays in this adorable Elf Costume complete with elf boots. “Cats as a rule don’t like to dress up but perhaps your cat will oblige and wear one of these fun costumes just long enough for you to take a happy holidays photograph to amuse your friends. Remember to give it a treat after the photo session!”

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