Tuesday Top Ten: If the Dr. Phil Show Were Produced by Dogs

At my house, sometimes we feel as if the dogs have taken charge.  Wonder what would happen if they took over Dr. Phil’s show?

10.  Just because the dog door swings both ways doesn’t mean you have to

9.  Are neuticles important to the male psyche?

8.  Behind the scenes at the Chinese meat market

7.  You can beat your Snausages addiction

6.  Does this collar make me look fat?

5.  Is it wrong to love the vet who took my manhood?

4.  Feeling good about yourself after being locked in a kennel

3.  What to do when you don’t want to SIT!  (aka My first name is not Dammit)

2.  Dealing with dog show neuroses

1.  The proper order is counter-surf, then lick yourself

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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