It’s Bath Time for the Animals

OK, so these are cats, not dogs, but am I the only one whose dogs do this, too?

Every night, my Beagle Penny, sidles up to Maggie (the Golden Retriever) and rolls over on her back so Maggie can lick her.  When the tummy is done, they move on to Penny’s head – she usually ends up with her ears absolutely drenched.  She’ll then walk away and sleep for awhile, but about the time her ears dry out, she’ll be back for more.

I think this is a submission / dominance thing, but I’m not sure.  We call it Penny’s “tubby bath”.  Has anyone else had their dogs do this?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog

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4 thoughts on “It’s Bath Time for the Animals”

  1. Oh,yes!! My Jack Russells groom and bathe each other all the time.The puppy is constantly getting licked by mom and dad and even our big hound dogs get into the act! It’s a riot to watch!!

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