A Dog Warden Who Actually Cares About Dogs

IndeOnline / Kevin Whitlock

A dog warden who actually cares about dogs?  What a concept! 

I have not had the best relationship with the animal control officer in my town over the years, mostly because I have dogs who will run loose at the slightest provocation or the least little opening under the fence. 

I was heartened to read this story about the animal control officer in the neighboring town.  It seems she actually takes her own time and money to make sure dogs who are kept outside over the winter are as comfortable as possible.  Kudos!  We need more people like Officer Davis working in the animal welfare field.

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One thought on “A Dog Warden Who Actually Cares About Dogs”

  1. I really have a problem with this statement. ” A dog warden who actually cares about dogs. What a concept!”. First of all, I was an animal control officer for several years. I started my career working with animals as a trained Vet Tech. The reason I became an animal control officer, was because I got tired of trying to put broken animals back together after they were hit by cars, or hurt by other animals or subjected to abuse! Irresponsible pet owners who would not leash or restrain their beloved pets, after repeated warnings, then cry as I loaded the same pets into body bags! People who let their dogs out on trash day, so that their “baby” could poison itself by eating garbage. I am not talking about the occasional mistake, where a pet gets out by accident. That’s where we would all work into the night, trying to help locate the animal before it gets hurt. I’m talking about the idiots who feel that it “restricts” poor Fluffy, to be properly fenced or leashed. They want them to roam free. Don’t talk about dog officers not caring. We cared too much, each and every time there was yet another animal hurt unecessarily. It speaks volumes that you have a relationship with the dog “warden”, as you put it. Most responsible pet owners never get to meet the dog officer. The fact that you see them on a regular basis says to me that you need to take better care of your animals.

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