Westminster 2011: Late Tuesday Morning Results

Continuing on with news from Madison Square Garden. (Note that another one of my breed picks was correct! We’ll see if the Norwich can take the breed group tonight. Not that I’m keeping score or anything!)

Germ Wire Pointer GCH Star K’s Mile Hi Valentine
Boykin GCH Sunseeker Pirate’s Code
Engl Cocker CH Golden Gait’s Never Lose Hope
Wire Point Griff GCH Fireside’s Spontaneous Combustion

Germ Pinscher GCH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle
Great Dane GCH Lobato’s JitterBug Man
Mastiff GCH Lazy D’s Bonnie Blue

Am Staff GCH Castle Rock’s Sbigstaff Mad About You
Bedlington GCH Kaylynn’s Party Crasher
Border GCH Surefyre’s Benny and the Jets RN JE
Dandie Dinmont GCH Redclay Dreamboat Lieutenant Disher
Irish GCH Fleet St Fenway Fan
Kerry Blue GCH Bluebeard’s Suddenly Bridey
Std Manch CH Rainsong N Burmack’s Groovy Kind of Love
Norwich GCH Skyscot’s Poker Chip
Parson Russ CH Telltale Red Rock Joint Adventure
Skye GCH Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman
Soft-coated Wheaten GCH Michaleen’s Song O’Morning Star
Staff Bull CH Devils and Fairies Flesh For Fantasy

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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