Shelter Sunday: K-9.5 Rescue / Greenville, SC

Meet Sawyer Brown!  He is a Great Pyrenees currently residing in a foster home with K-9.5 Rescue in Greenville, SC.  Here’s what their website has to say about this big boy.

Sweet, sweet Sawyer Brown is a big puppy with mounds of love. Uncoordinated, lanky, and legs for miles, this darling boy is loving and gentle. At 11mths old and 90lbs (February 2010), yet looking about 120 due to his incredibly long legs, he is going to grow into an extra large and very handsome adult. He currently stands at 30 inches at his shoulder.  Please note:  Sawyer is NOT a livestock guardian dog.

Sawyer does very well with other dogs and would love a canine buddy to play with in his new home. A female would be best due to his breed. He will also need a fenced yard so that he can play with his new friend and release his puppy energy. When not in a fenced yard, he will need to be on a leash at all times due to the Great Pyrenees’ tendency to roam. He is a well behaved boy indoors and enjoys lying on a soft bed. He is also crate trained and house trained. He is young, however, so it’s important to have lots of toys for him to play with for those times he needs to chew or for when he’s feeling feisty. He loves Nylabones! He is fine with cats but he does tend to play with them too hard for most, unintentionally so. Sawyer has an incredibly loud bark, so very close neighbors would not be ideal for his new home.

Sawyer is a comical and happy boy that is pretty darn lovable and definitely irresistible. He has a wonderful disposition and a kind heart. He would love a forever home that wouldn’t mind an over-sized, goofy baby that will continue to grow into a size that’s well over 100 lbs. If you would like to meet Sawyer and become his forever family, just let us know!

You can contact the shelter by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 864-293-0156.

About the shelter:  Why K9.5?

Extra large breeds, seniors and special needs dogs are the ones most commonly euthanized in the shelters. The large and extra large dogs are bigger than what most people see as a “normal sized” k9 as they tower over other animals…therefore a k9.5. Seniors are more advanced in age making them a k9.5, and special needs animals are more in physical or emotional care with more than an overabundance in gratitude and love…therefore a k9.5. We adore those that are bigger, older, and even require more care. We see these fabulous animals who can live good lives so often tossed aside, overlooked or forgotten due to size, age, extra physical or emotional needs…but we also see them blossom when given the opportunity. After defying the odds, they are more than your typical K9. They are a k9.5

If you’re going to be in South Carolina, please consider contacting K9.5 to meet Sawyer Brown and all of his friends.  If you’re somewhere else, check out PetFinder’s Shelter Center for adoptable dogs near you.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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