Who Knew You Couldn’t Bark Back?

From Channel 3 news, WKYC in Cleveland: A man from Mason, Ohio is going to be charged with willfully teasing a police K-9 officer. 

Ryan Stephens, a 25-year old who was likely drunk at the time, was discovered with his face about 2 inches from the police car, barking and hissing at Timber, the K-9 on the other side of the window.  As expected, Timber was going nuts.  Stephens was cited.  According to Mason K9 Supervisor Sgt. Matt Hayes, the problem is that the dog could easily catch a tooth in one of the metal grates in the back of the police car, causing severe dental trauma.  In addition, if the door were to be unlocked and the dog got out, the harasser would likely be bitten.

My favorite part of the story?  When asked why he was bothering the dog, Stephens replied, “He started it!”

For some things, it takes a special kind of stupid…

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Good day, and good dog!

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