Shelter Sunday: Pets for Patriots

Photo: Pets for Patriots

I know, I usually feature a dog from a small shelter shown on Petfinder, but I blogged earlier in the week about Rocky, a retired and disabled military dog who was going to be put down if no one took him.  (Someone did, thank goodness.)  But I think this organization is well worth the space I’m going to give it today.

There are three things that get me choked up:  babies, dogs, and veterans.  Pets for Patriots involves at least two of them.

This is from their “About Us” page:

We create unique opportunities for members of the military community to save a life by honorably adopting homeless adult dogs and cats.

We support member Patriot adoptions of adult shelter pets, large dogs and special needs animals – those most in need of a loving, forever home – from any of our member shelters. To ease the financial costs associated with pet ownership, we partner with veterinarians to deliver a minimum 10% discount for the life of the adopted pet’s care. Pets for Patriots provides access to additional cost reductions for pet basics, such as food, toys and essential supplies.

What a great idea to serve two deserving populations at once!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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