Puppy Mill Owner Dies – Leaves Hundreds of Animals in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Photo: Humane Society of North Texas

Not that I’m all that crushed over one less puppy mill in the world, but this is a terribly sad story from DFW Animal Rescue.

According to their blog:

The Humane Society of North Texas responded Thursday to a critical situation in Montague County . Nearly 100 dogs and puppies were found alive amongst dozens of deceased animals, all of which died in the past three days.  The owner of the  puppy mill was found dead on the property.  He had apparently been dead for several days, leaving the animals without food, water, or anyone to care for them during that time. An initial investigation by the Montague Sheriff’s Office revealed that the man most likely died as a result of heat exhaustion.

You can help:  The primary need right now is for money to provide the basics of food, shelter, and vet care for those still struggling.  You can donate by mail to HSNT, 1840 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76103, or online via PayPal.  The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is a non-profit organization supported solely by tax deductible donations.  They do not receive funding from county, state or federal entities. 

Volunteers and foster homes are also desperately needed.  If you can help, contact Jenna at [email protected].   Food – preferably Purina One Puppy and Purina One Adult is also needed, as well as linens, and cleaning supplies such as laundry soap, paper towels, etc.

For more information, visit the Humane Society of  North Texas on the web.

Please help if you can.  This is a heavy burden for one organization to bear alone.

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  2. I’ll be in Dallas Ft Worth airport this coming Wed 7 Sep 2011; I am looking for a wired hair terrier either Welsh, Fox or Airedale. I need a dog that does’nt shed and in puppy stage. Our Airedale just died two weeks ago from a heart attack, my husband and I are looking to fill the void with another pup. Thank you.

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