Ollie, the Wonder Dog

I’m guessing this Canton, Georgia family will never complain about bad behavior from this puppy!

Ollie, a 6-month old boxer, was acting strange one evening – whining, rubbing against the legs of family members, and going outside then refusing to come back in.  Eventually, all of the family members ended up out in the yard, and they could tell Ollie was finally relaxing.

That’s when it dawned on Dad that he had left the gas on in the fireplace.  By now, the fire had gone out, but the valve continued to pour gas into the house.  Mom says the family does often light candles, which would have had catastrophic results if Ollie hadn’t intervened.

I’m thinking Ollie might find something a little special in his stocking this Christmas.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

P.S. – A wag of the doggies.com tail to Examiner.com for posting a picture with this story, not of Ollie, but of Cash, a Boxer from a local shelter who is looking for a forever home.

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