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In case you missed it in the holiday hullabaloo, CNN reported on Christmas Day about the Save Our Pets Food Bank in Atlanta.  We’ve highlighted this problem here on the blog several times, but it’s worth repeating.  When people lose their jobs or get foreclosed upon, it often becomes impossible for them to keep their pets.  Save Our Pets Food Bank is trying to prevent these people from having to surrender their pets to local shelters when they find themselves in financial straights.  Founded in 2008 by Atlanta-area resident Ann King, Save Our Pets now has more than 30 volunteers and has given away more than a million pounds of food.

The organization partners with nationwide networks like Rescue Bank to assist pets nationwide.  Unlike traditional food banks, which often benefit from holiday donations, animal food banks tend to struggle year round.

Please give if you can:

Save Our Pets

Rescue Bank

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