2012 Westminster Dog Show Results: The Herding Group

And on to the last group of the night:  the Herding Group.

Reminding you of my picks (since I’m doing so well – I’m 1 for 9 for dogs making it into the Group competitions):

  • Australian Shepherd CGH CH Myshara’s Dream Girl (“Beyonce”)
  • Rough Coated Collie GCH CH Sylvan Argent It’s All About Me (“Gucci”) – Won Best of Opposite Sex in her breed!
  • Sheltie GCH CH Kylene Eden the Dragonslayer (“Thomas”)

Here’s who the professionals chose as best in their respective breeds:

Australian Cattle Dog:  GCH Carben Copy’s If The Shoe Fits
Australian Shepherd:  GCH Equinox Ad Astra
Bearded Collie:  GCH Daybar Blew By U
Beauceron:  Ch Elixir Noir Du Chateau Rocher
Belgian Malinois:  GCH Broadcreek’s Marcus Junis Brutus
Belgian Sheepdog:  GCH Bonntymes Keepn It Real At Devine
Belgian Tervuren:  GCH Mishaook Lulu At Chateau Blanc HSCs
Border Collie:  GCH Bon-Clyde’s Take One
Bouviers Des Flandres:  GCH Quiche’s Grand Finale
Briard:  Ch Stormfield Seiso At Charson
Canaan Dog:  GCH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara
Cardigan Welsh Corgi:  GCH C-Myste Baledwr Free To Disagree
Rough Collie:  GCH Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication
Smooth Collie:  GCH Travler’s Pierce Arrow
Entlebucher Mountain Dog:  GCH Jumanji V. Brunswick RN
Finnish Lapphund:  GCH Sugarok Born In The Usa
German Shepherd Dog:  GCH Babheim’s Captain Crunch
Icelandic Sheepdog:  GCH Eyjahunda Thorarinn
Norwegian Buhund:  Ch Trollheimen Kiss My Cash
Old English Sheepdog:  Ch Bugaboo’s Big Shot
Pembroke Welsh Corgi:  Ch Hum’Nbird Ice Lily
Polish Lowland Sheepdog:  GCH Swan Crest Windy City Robert Henry
Puli:  GCH Cordmaker Rumpus Bumpus
Pyrenean Shepherd:  GCH La Brise Sun Bear
Shetland Sheepdog:  Ch Mystic Ava Gardner
Swedish Vallhung:  GCH Solveigco’s Gustav Vasa At Akutchi

So, that makes me 1 for 12.  Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow night!

And Judge Mr. Houston Clark chose these beautiful dogs:

Best in Group:  German Shepherd (“Cap”)

Group 2:  Bouviers Des Flanders

Group 3:  Old English Sheepdog

Group 4:  Sheltie

Come back tomorrow night for the Sporting, Working, and Terrier Groups, as well as Best in Show.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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  1. Such pride and admiration for the GSD- Tates Alita via TATES SHEPHERDS /SHEPHERDS IMPORT GOODS CORP.Frank and Patricia Tate- the best dog I ever had the privilege of sharing my life with-thank you Frank and Pat !

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