2012 Westminster Dog Show Results: The Working Group

Updated 2/14 @ 4:25 pm

I’ll be posting throughout the day as breeds report in with their winners.  First, my picks for the group:

  • Husky:  GCH CH Kontoki’s A Bend in the Road (“Benson”)
  • Rottweiler:  Gamegard’s Rhythm of the Rain (“Cadey”) 
  • Newfoundland:  GCH CH Pouch Cove’s Head of State (“Jefferson”)

Here’s what the professional judges thought:

Akita:  CH Hikay’s Witch With Attitude

Alaskan Malamute:  GCH Catanyas Latin Lover 

Anatolian Shepherd Dog:  GCH Carpe Diem’s Old School

Bernese Mountain Dog:  GCH Alpenspirit Who’s On First

Black Russian Terrier:  GCH Zilya’s Chicago Blues Fusion at Runes CD RN

Boxer:  GCH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream

Bullmastiff:  GCH Highpoint’s Fifth Wheel Don’T Blink 

Cane Corso:   GCH Liberty’s Armed and Dangerous

Doberman Pinscher:  GCh Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici

Dogue de Bordeaux:  GCH Evergreen’s Rub My Belly At Rising Star

German Pinscher:  GCH Oakwood V Kaitlers Revival

Giant Schnauzer:  GCH Ingebars Siasconset Rose

Great Dane:  GCH Lobat’s Jitterbug Man

Great Pyrenees:  GCH Pyrless No-Brainer 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog:  GCH Nox’s George Bailey’s Irish Creme

Komondor:   GCH Nagyalma Unforgettable Too 

Kuvasz:  GCH Szumeria’s Wildwood Silver Six Pence

Leonberger:  GCH A. Feiner Eros

Mastiff:  GCH Beowulfs Bit O’Blarney

Neapolitan Mastiff:  CH Amazing Love’s Crush

Newfoundland:  GCH Cypress Bay Jl Snazzy Story At Avalon Bey

Porguguese Water Dog:  GCH Freestyle the Wiz 

Rottweiler:  GCH Chancellor Flirt’s Hi Flyin’ Gladiator

Samoyed:  GCH Mcmagic’s Candied Ham of Pebblesrun

Siberian Husky:   GCH Topaz Silver Lining 

St. Bernard:  GCH Danka’s Emerald Eyes

Standard Schnauzer:  GCH Pepper Tree Zorro V Morgenwald

Tibetan Mastiff:  GCH Dreamcatcher Major Victory of Loki

Check back later for more results as they come in.

Good day, and good dog!

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