Romney Protest outside Westminster Dog Show

More on the boneheaded decision Romney made several years ago to transport his dog to Canada in a car-top carrier. And, dog-related stuff you can buy from the Obama campaign website.

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2 thoughts on “Romney Protest outside Westminster Dog Show”

  1. I agree to strap him to the top of the car in an airtight container! DUH!!!! I wonder if he would try this with one of his kids! Hey,let the dog ride in the car!

  2. The guy is an idiot….period!! What made me laugh was when he tried to explain himself away by saying “well it was airtight”….WHAT!?!? I find it very hard to believe that anyone never mind a college-educated person would even consider doing such a thing to an animal!!!! He needs to be strapped to the top of his car and let’s see how much fun he has..what an ass!!

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