Sgt Rex – Marine Corps Dog About to be Put Down

Marine Seeks to Adopt Military Dog:

I wanted to make sure all of our readers saw the comments that were recently posted on an old story:

Diane Symons on March 11th, 2012 1:05 pm:

Can someone help get this dog home to the Marine? Very important. This dog did his service They want to put him down. He does not deserve that after all he did for our country. Please let me know Thank you

The Dog Lady on March 11th, 2012 3:24 pm:

@Diane Symons – I have forwarded your concerns to Operation Baghdad Pups at SPCA International, and posted the news story on my personal Facebook page. Hopefully, a little publicity will help the Marine Corps make the right decision sooner rather than later. Thanks for calling this to our attention!

Please post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or if you know someone high-ranking in the Marine Corps, contact them and ask for assistance with this.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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5 thoughts on “Sgt Rex – Marine Corps Dog About to be Put Down”

  1. Precisely, Mr. Sanborn was right. Animals on “war” service aren’t even paid:
    canines, horses – once a upon a time – pigeons. They don’t even know what “pay” is. But give them love, care, attention – and also important . . . mutual devotion and loyalty as they give their humans, and that’s really all they want to be happy.

  2. Military dogs risk their lives and protect their “partners” without question. They
    don’t hesitate to go into action but sometimes a human will. I would rather have
    a canine partner than any other.
    Would they abandon us ? would they leave us wounded on the battlefield?
    Would they fight to protect us?
    Everyone knows the answers ,so lets treat them with the love and respect they
    deserve. They didn,t even “sign-_up” and they didn,t get paid unless being
    put to death is their “pay”!!!

  3. As Ms. Bonnard already suggested, the brave canine should be given back to its
    former owners with whom it went “through thick and thin” in a war zone, or be given out for adoption in one of the many animal shelters. Cynically and cruelly disposing of it is unthinkable, when the military should be giving its thanks by even paying for a vet to bring this heroic dog back to health.
    Oh yes, General, even “mere” animals can be heroes.

  4. Regarding Cpl Leavey and her partner, Sgt. Rex, what the heck is wrong with the DoD/military as a whole??? I truly believe this boondoggle (no pun) is just another utterly ridiculous chunk of (cruel) red tape and foolish bureaucracy. That dog belongs with his partner. They were injured together, they are both heroes and they are PARTNERS. The concept that the military KILLS such animals when they become disabled is beyond crazy…what’s next??? Euthanasia for our wounded warriors?

  5. Please let Sgt Rex retire with his master, Megan, they both gave their all and risked their lives for our country and we do not treat our service men, women or canines this way. To be put down for no reason other than “a lot of red tape to go through” is ridiculous. Why nurse this dog back to health for a year if he was going to be put down anyway??? I think all military canine should be put up for adoption or given to the man or woman who they served with to live out the rest of their lives being spoiled and pampered as the reward for what they did.

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