2012 Crufts – Final Day Results including Best in Show

Well, the Crufts website blog hasn’t been updated with today’s results yet, so I’ll be a little less specific than yesterday.  However, I can tell you the following results, which were broadcast on YouTube.

The winner of the Hound Group was a Borzoi named Rothesby Sholwood Snow Hawk.

The winner of the Terrier Group was a Norwich named Ragus Merry Gentleman.

And the all-important Best in Show winner was…(drum roll please)…the Lhasa Apso!  Reserve was taken by the Newfie.

Congratulations to all!

My only editorial comment:  I was really surprised to see the female handlers in pants and the men in regular suits and ties.  The British are usually so over-the-top formal – I mean, they wear hats to horse events!  As you know, at Westminster, the ladies are usually in (at least) skirt suits, and the judges wear tuxes & evening gowns.

I’ll post links later to all of the Best in Group judging & interviews, as well as the Best in Show judging and interview.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!


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